Welcome to the CO>>MISSION Youth page!  We are the Youth Ministry of Living Faith Church here in Santa Barbara, California.  CO>>MISSION Youth are challenged to daily fulfill the last set of instructions Jesus gave the church before leaving this earth… “GO” and make a difference in your world!

So it’s all about a CO>>MISSION!!!  Check this out…  “CO” means: Mutually, Jointly, Together, in Partnership.  So who are we in “Partnership” with?  GOD!!!“MISSION” means: Being sent for some important duty or purpose. So what’s our Duty or Purpose?  To GO make a positive impact for GOD in our world!!!

In essence, our CO>>MISSION is actually a “GO” mission!!! Jesus said in Matthew 28:19… “GO and make disciples of all nations”
If you’re a Youth between the ages of 12-17 consider yourself invited to check CO>>MISSION Youth, a place where we have a great time, enjoy some pretty cool events and activities, and most importantly… CO>>MISSION Youth Group is a place where young people are challenged to reach their generation and become all that GOD has called them to be.